There is Helmut Newton hidden in the shoes of the Lubello women's collection. There is the photographic eye that has immortalized fascinating models in atmospheres of seduction and luxury. Those images are magical! Between the end of the Seventies and the beginning of the Eighties those shots in rigorous black and white were the triumph of vision, of beauty, of a dream increasingly poised between irony and passion. What will remain of these fetishes of a social revolution? Certainly the photos of the sculptural bodies and enchanting faces of divas such as Brigitte Nielsen, Charlotte Rampling, Grace Jones, Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle  Huppert. But those sharp stiletto heels that accompanied the steps of the beautiful ones also come back to mind. It was precisely the shoe that united the photos like a signature of the artist, that marked the shots, and gave even more impetus and vigor to female figures with extraordinarily harmonious proportions. Seduction starts from the shoe, even on a naked body. It starts from amazement.

Technology and craftsmanship merge and compare in the Lubello women's collection. They are patent leather evening shoes with 105 mm steel heels, enriched with zirconia stones. They are sculptures to wear. Those heels are as refined as the columns of a Greek temple, but they are sharp weapons for a seduction that pierces the heart, like a dagger. Elegance and glamor start from the shoe, it is the starting point of a revelation, of a journey into the female personality.

The shoes from the Lubello women's collection are icons of this time, of a time that is awakening and restarting, which is regeneration. Woman is the protagonist of a new world, it is she who is called to be divine. And then a dive into the past in homage to Helmut Newton, but a lot of future to build, step by step. Obviously.

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